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Acura Loyalty Advantage (ALA) Benefits

ALA benefits Acura Luxury LeaseTM clients when they return and sign a new Acura Luxury lease or AFS retail contract on an Acura vehicle.

With ALA, returning Acura lessees qualify for:

  • Momentum MilesTM: Clients who have driven less than their contracted miles will have up to 15,000 miles rolled over to their next Acura lease (rounded up to the nearest 1,000), or
  • Mileage ForgivnessTM: Clients who have driven more than their contracted miles will have half of the excess miles waived, up to 7,500 miles. In addition, they will have an extra 1,000 miles added to their base mileage amounts. 
Eligible clients have:

  • Signed an Acura Luxury Lease contract.
  • Received approval following standard AFS credit approval policies.
  • Returned the leased Acura to an Acura dealership.
  • Signed a new Acura Luxury Lease or AFS finance contract within 180 days from the vehicles' lease maturity dates.
An adjustment must be made to reduce the residual value for vehicles exceeding 200 miles at lease signing. The residual value must be decreased at a rate of 10 cents per mile over 200 miles at inception, up to a maximum of 6,000 miles.

Excessive Wear and Use & Turn-In Fee Table

EOT policyLease Contracts Pre 10/2013Lease Contracts Post 10/2013
Turn-In FeeN/AWaived$350 Fee
AFS Excessive Wear & Use WaiverUp to $1,500 with $500 per single incidentUp to $1,500 total waiverUp to $750 total waiver
*May be lower for WI, CO, IA, KS, ME, OK, WV, WY, IN, and SC
1 A loyal customer is one who purchases or leases another new Honda or Acura automobile within 30 days prior to or after the turn-in date.